Kanapath has a large selection of CBG & CBD gel capsules, gummies & drops in various strengths & flavors for both you and your pets! Now with FREE SHIPPING shipping on US orders! All our products are made from pure 100% Pharmaceutical-Grade hemp based CBG & CBD expertly blended with all natural ingredients.  Our Premium Pharmaceutical-Grade hemp is grown & harvested, not from corporate industrial farms, but from our own boutique farm partners in Southern Oregon.  We quality control our CBG & CBD every step of the way from seed to sale providing you with true peace of mind that you are purchasing a high quality US grown and made CBG & CBD product.  Because of our relationship with our farms in Oregon, another added bonus we can provide our customers is we can offer our premium all natural CBG & CBD products at over half the cost of other brands.  That is truly immense savings you can literally take to the bank. At Kanapath we take pride in providing safe & affordable CBG & CBD products that are legal and easy to use. Kanapath, Feel Great and Thrive

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